An Early Account of the Resurrection of Our Lord

         Therefore, we did not shrink from writing to you concerning the testimony of Christ
our Saviour, of what he did, when we followed him, how he enlightened our understanding,
concerning whom we testify that the Lord is he who was crucified by Pontius Pilate
between the two thieves and was buried in a place which is called the place of a skull.
And thither went three women, Mary, Martha, and Mary Magdalene, and took ointment
to pour upon the body, weeping and mourning over that which was come to pass. When
they drew near to the sepulchre, they looked in and found not the body. And as they
mourned and wept, the Lord showed himself unto them and said to them: For whom weep
ye? Weep no more; I am he whom ye seek. But let one of you go to your brethren and say:
Come ye, the Master is risen from the dead. Martha came and told us. We said unto her:
What have we to do with thee, woman? He that is dead and buried, is it possible that he
should live? And we believed her not that the Saviour was risen from the dead. Then she
returned unto the Lord and said unto him: None of them hath believed me, that thou livest.
He said: Let another of you go unto them and tell them again. Mary came and told us again,
and we believed her not; and she returned unto the Lord and she also told him. Then said
the Lord unto Mary and her sisters: Let us go unto them. And he came and found us within,
and called us out, but we thought that it was a phantom and believed not that it was the
Lord. Then said he unto us: Come, fear ye not. I am your master, even he, O Peter, whom
thou didst deny thrice; and dost thou now deny again? And we came unto him, doubting in
our hearts whether it were he. Then said he unto us: Wherefore doubt ye still, and are
unbelieving? I am he that spake unto you of my flesh and my death and my resurrection.
But that ye may know that I am he, do thou, Peter, put thy finger into the print of the
nails in mine hands, and thou also, Thomas, put thy finger into the wound of the spear in
my side; but thou, Andrew, look on my feet and see whether they press the earth; for it
is written in the prophet: A phantom of a devil maketh no footprint on the earth. And we
touched him, that we might learn of a truth whether he were risen in the flesh; and we
fell on our faces and worshipped him confessing our sin, that we had been unbelieving.
But he said unto us: Go ye and preach unto the twelve tribes, and preach also unto the
heathen, and to all the land of Israel from the east to the west and from the south unto the
north, and many shall believe on the Son of God. But we said unto him: Lord, who will
believe us, or hearken unto us, or how shall we be able to teach the powers and signs
and wonders which thou hast done? Then answered he and said to us: Go ye and preach
the mercifulness of my Father, and that which he hath done through me will I myself do
through you, for I am in you, and I will give you my peace, and I will give you a power
of my spirit, that ye may prophesy to them unto life eternal. And unto the others also
will I give my power, that they may teach the residue of the peoples.

         And when he had said this, and had finished his discourse with us, he said unto us
again: Behold, on the third day and at the third hour shall he come which hath sent me,
that I may depart with him. And as he so spake, there was thunder and lightning and an
earthquake, and the heavens parted asunder and there appeared a bright cloud which
bore him up. And there came voices of many angels, rejoicing and singing praises and
saying: Gather us, O Priest, unto the light of the majesty. And when they drew nigh unto
the firmament, we heard his voice saying unto us: Depart hence in peace.